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Invest in your child's mind and in a lifetime of musical enjoyment!  Mixed age (birth to five) classes for an optimum learning experience in Milford & Nashua, New Hampshire. Call Amy at 603-249-9560 for more information or register now for best selection!  Scroll down for videos!

Music Together has been voted "Favorite Music Instruction" program by Parenting NH readers five years in a row!

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The Music Together Experience!   

Reseach indicates that besides being a basic life skill and expressive art form, music is good for the brain-- especially the young child's brain which is developing at a rapid rate during the infant and preschool years. In a Music Together class, infants are taking in the joy of people making music all around them (in a wide variety of modes and rhythms) while toddlers and preschoolers are experimenting with their own music-making and following the lead of the adults and older children in class. In each eight or ten week session, parents and other caregivers learn techniques to foster an enriched music environment at home and ways to create a lasting bond with their children through music. Basic Music Competence (moving with accurate rhythm & singing in tune) is learned through play, repetition and experimentation. Freedom is encouraged within a structured set of developmentally appropriate activities involving movement and props (such as rhythm instruments, streamers, hoops, scarves and more) while all types of learning styles are respected and included. Multicultural traditional music, along with music composed especially for this research-based program, provides a wide variety of rhythms, tones and modes/styles so that the musical patterns we learn are varied and rich. This wide pallet of musical styles will contribute to the child's future ability to be more creative with music and with patterns in general (such as those used in math and art, for example). In fact, research has indicated that music activities combined with movement involve more areas of the brain than ANY other one activity, helping children grow cognitively, emotionally and physically. 

Materials included in tuition  are CD, downloads, parent guide and illustrated music activity book containing all of the songs, rhythm chants, play-along music and tonal and rhythm patterns done in class. Classes are 45 minutes long and are offered for Mixed Ages (birth to kindergarten) in ten-week sessions each season (shorter session in the summer).  

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