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Come Learn The Ukulele!  Many classes for all ages!

Here is Amy's performance class, The Kukuleles, courtesy of Hippy Hollow Recordings,


Discover the fun of community music-making!  Ukuleles are much easier to learn than other stringed instruments, thereby allowing you to start playing songs right away!  Our songbook, The Daily Ukulele (by Jim and Liz Beloff), will have you playing and singing rock, blues, folk, jazz and more with additional handouts.   


Ukulele Classes - Adults/Teens 10 week sessions in Fall, Winter, Spring, plus a 6 week Summer session.   Beginner, Advanced Beginner, Intermediate classes available.  Children over age 11 are welcome with an accompanying adult.  Amy has designed a curriculum based on The Daily Ukulele books by Jim & Liz Beloff.  Find schedule & full descriptions here.  Will travel to your location for Playshops!

Uke'n Move - Adults with children over six years.   Beginner ukulele skills and playing while moving!  Learn three basic I, IV, V7 chords and practice hearing how these chords "work" to help you play songs by ear.  We'll use our voices, ukuleles and percussion to create beautiful music that we can move to, along with recorded music at times.  $130 per child or $165 which includes Kala soprano ukulele. Sibling discount available.

Great Songs on Guitar/Ukulele  - Adults/Teens  These instruments sound great together!  Come enjoy learning new songs and singing with new friends.  You should already know basic major chords (A, C, D, E, F, G), minor chords (Am, Bm, Dm, Em).   Call Amy if you have questions, 249-9560 (NH area code 603)

Onsite Playshops in NH and MA  Can't make it to class? Get some friends or colleagues together and Amy will bring 12 ukuleles.  This 90 or 120 minute Beginners Playshop will get you started on a lifetime of musical enjoyment!  Call 603-249-9560 for details.   Great for schools, libraries, community centers and professional organizations.  Past Playshops include the Nashua Ukulele Picnic, The Granite State Clowns, Pepperell MA Library, Nashua NH Library, The Children's Music Network, Music Together® Annual Conference, Maple Dene & Moppets School Teachers in Pepperell MA, Merrimack YMCA Preschool Teachers, Derry NH Library, Amherst NH Library, Hudson NH Library, Pinewoods Folk Music Camp, The People's Music Network.

Ukulele in the Classroom for Teachers/Librarians/Caregivers: Class in Milford or workshop at your School! Amy Conley has been a Preschool Music Specialist performing in schools and leading teacher workshops since 1986. Besides teaching teachers to play ukulele, she will share her expertise on using music in the classroom. Great fun for those wishing to share more music with their students and learn ukulele at the same time. Amy is certified as an Allied Professional by the NH Dept. of Child Services. Call to learn more, 603-249-9560. 

Tuition -  Fall, Winter or Spring (ten weeks) is $160/classes only ($60 for additional household member); $30 for songbook The Daily Ukulele.  "Indie Music" store in Milford ( ) has a nice selection of imported ukuleles ranging in price from $45-300, or you can purchase an American-made (The Magic Fluke Company) ukulele from Amy ($195 and up).  Concert and Tenor sizes are great for adult hands.

Location: Ukulele Revolution, 102 Elm St, Milford, NH (the sign says Music Together)

Classes subject to change due to enrollment,  so register soon online and mail payment or deposit made out to Amy Conley Music, 102 Elm St, Milford NH 03055.  Be sure to write class day/time on check.  There is some financial aid and work/study available.  

Ukulele Revolution

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 "I really enjoy my Monday classes with Amy and Co. . . great group! We are collectively intergenerationally supportive of each other and full of amazing potential that Amy gently invites out each week. This is great medicine!"  --Barbara T., Temple NH.

"Amy is a seasoned instrumentalist and vocalist who knows how to welcome new participants into a circle and bring out their best. Always buoyant and positive, she immediately puts people at ease and helps them put aside their concerns and apprehensions about performing or collaborating. She works well with adults of any age --- and her early childhood music education programs are well-loved throughout Southern New Hampshire. Amy is an inexhaustible music resource for all who know her!"--Elise M., Nashua NH. 

“Ukulele For Teachers is a really great class! I enjoyed every lesson and learned a lot! Amy taught me the chords I needed to play the songs I sing with my preschoolers. It is a lot of fun to incorporate the ukulele into a school day!”     ---Cindy A., Amherst NH

 "Ukes rule and Amy rocks! I LOVE starting my weekends strumming and singing with Amy and all the Friday afternoon students. We laugh and sing and strum and learn. It's awesome!!!!" -- Leslie Y., Amherst, NH

 "Amy’s teaching method ensures I enjoy the satisfaction of quick rewards. Right away I learned chords that made up complete songs. There’s work involved, but the whole process is so enjoyable and relaxing that I don't notice how hard I’m working." -- Kate M., Lyndeborough NH

"Learning to play the ukulele has been a blast! I look forward to my class with Amy every week. If you like to have fun - the ukulele makes you laugh - you should give it a try too!"     --Elise D., Milford NH

"I have always loved music ... learning and playing the ukulele has given me joy and opened up my heart and soul to music in a whole new way. It takes practice. The camaraderie of my classmates and easygoing teaching style that Amy uses is just right for a 52 year old learner like me."    --Ginny H., Milford NH


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