Children's Songs for Parents and Teachers

Need to learn or review your children’s song repertoire?   These sites are great for adults-- parents and teachers—who want to learn more songs for children.   Often we just need to be reminded of how many songs we know.   Making a list, and keeping it posted will help you remember song titles that you know.   They’ll be at your fingertips instead of buried deep in your subconscious! Sing the songs that YOU love, and your child will love singing too!

CMN   The Children's Music Network,  a non-profit group that is near and dear to my heart -- teachers and performers who strive to make the world a better place through music.  There are many songs and ideas on this site for teachers, parents, performers of music for children.  I am honored to serve on the Board of Directors!  If you work with children, this is the organization to join!  333 Folksongs! :   You can click on a song, see the lyrics and hear the melody (you just have to tolerate the synthetic sound of the tune)! : Site similar to the one above Songs from around the world!  Great site with all KINDS of preschool activities and ideas….. art, music, cooking, etc. by a former teacher and curriculum developer, Jean Warren.

Youtube  is a great resource to learn music.    Search for a song title, or a general description like “Bug Songs,” “silly songs,” “camp songs.”   

Green Ghoulie Games Two camp counselors teach you funny action songs for kids!  is a good place to find lyrics to songs, the ones where you can only remember a few lines or the chorus.